by A. Gram on May 19, 2013


Smallpools – Dreaming

Pop music doesn't suck. Anyone who truly believes that there's no more good pop is either too stupid to realize that the radio is not wholly indicative of what's good, or is simply too lazy to take the trouble of finding the good stuff. Either way, thank goodness you have me, because I do it for you. Check out this fantastic upbeat jam from Smallpools, and no, you're not “Dreaming”. 


R3venge of the Nerds – #FSSU

Sometimes I hear a song, and all I can think is how great it would sound on the radio. And then I hear it again, and I realize that the copious amounts of swearing, drug references, and overall insane debauchery would probably send the FCC into conniptions. Well luckily for you, I'm no FCC, and BroBible radio is more than happy to supply you with all the songs you need to have as good a time as R3venge Of The Nerds are having in “#FSSU (Fuck Some Shit Up)”. This right here is a great blend of hip hop, pop, rock, and just not giving a fuck. So #FSSU, Bros. 


J-Walk – Be OK

My friend showed this track to me, and bless her for doing so, because it's absolutely fantastic. In her words, “Dope song and video from JWalk for the summertime (don't mind the weird snow things, he's Canadian)”. Shouts to Nora of COM for tipping me off on JWalk's “Be Ok”!


Ponce De'Leioun ft. J-Mei – Respect

Some of my favorite music videos are the ones where the rap is rough, the video is simple, and production is basic, because they're not pretending to be anything they're not. “Respect” by Ponce De'Leioun (don't even ask me how to pronounce that) feat. J-Mei is a great little gem with a catchy beat and a fun flow. It's chill, and I like it. So sue me.