by Andy Moore on April 11, 2013

It's a different story for the four guys in this funny Funny or Die clip—the guys go through a “Coachella Boot Camp” to fully prepare them for the modern-day Woodstock that's to come. They're led by a maniacal Gny. Sgt. Hartman, who drugs them and sends them off to find themselves in the desert where, slowly, they fall into dehydration-induced madness. Which leads to the clip's highlight: “YOU CAN'T COME IN THE FORT.”

One issue: I do kind of wish that one of the grunts had screwed up and pronounced it “Co-A-chella,” which would have caused the drill sergeant to freak out. Mainly because I did this the other day, and was hit with a dick-bag dropping “You mean 'Co-chella?'” Possibly the worst moment of my week. I hope he's reading this.

[H/T: Funny or Die]

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