by Brandon Wenerd on April 19, 2012

Milkman — “Tiger Lily”

How did you get started in music?

I guess it all goes back to when I first began playing the piano when I was 5. I took lessons all the way through high school as well as picking up guitar, bass, drums and ukulele on the way. I was in a punk/emo rock band in high school (…I know) and that was when I first began writing music. As far as electronic music goes, I began doing the mashups in my dorm room freshman year of college. As that progressed I started expanding my horizons to original productions which is where I am at now.

What got you started making mashup music?

My friend down the hall from me in the dorms freshman year showed me Danger Mouse, who had produced the “Grey Album”, where he took beats from the Beatles' White Album and layered vocals from Jay-Z's Black Album. I had never heard anything like it before and was immediately intrigued. Being a computer science major, I knew there was very few things I couldn't do myself on a computer, and, being from a music background, I immediately felt this was my calling. 13 months later, after countless hours of “trial and error” (self-explanatory title of my first song made) I produced Lactose and THC- not thinking anything more of it other than it was a fun little project… 

What's on Milkman's iPod? Who are your current top five artists?

A lot of unreleased Milkman right now haha… But right now I am really into a lot of different artists. I love Wolfgang Gartner, I think he is just a ridiculous producer who you can tell puts the effort into each of this tracks. I remember getting an email a long time ago from this kid named “Madeon” who was interested in mash-ups… now look at the kid! He's actually an influence on me now! I also like the younger guys like Porter Robinson and Zedd.

What's your top five favorite party anthems?

Shout, anything R. Kelly, Celion Dion, Cher and, of course, Mozart. Wait, was that supposed to be a serious question?

Answer this question: The craziest mash-up ever would be ____ and _____?

Skrillex & Justin Bieber. I would hate it and love it at the same time.

What's your dream collaboration?

Probably with either Wolfgang, Skrilly, or Diplo. Those guys have got it figured out.

Let's talk live music: What's your craziest concert experience to date?

The craziest concert was a few years back at the Gothic Theater in Denver, CO. The entire audience came on stage with me and ended up cracking the stage, breaking cables/plugs, and security pulled the plug on the show until everybody got off stage. That was a remarkable night, not to mention my parents and my uncle where all there and EVERYBODY was out of their mind. 

You're kicking off the Doing Bodies Good Tour here in May. What do you like the most about live shows?

Audience Love. there is nothing more fun than remixing a track, jumping into the crowd and just having a great time with them. I love just dropping a nasty beat, having the lasers go apeshit and launching into the crowd to rage it up with them. Also airport food, might sound weird, but when you fly ALL the time, there is nothing more relaxing than getting through security, sitting down at a chili's to-go, having a beer and eating some good ol' nasty airport food. and on that note, SkyMall.

You're from the West Coast. What are some of the big differences between West Coast crowds and East Coast crowds?

There are of course some little differences here and there, I'd say it differs more between the north and south rather than east west, playing for the south is always a much grimier and dirtier (not in a bad way though) show. Playing in california is pretty similar to playing in, say NY for example, except for NY-ers are much more less patient haha. Once I get on stage though, the show is the show, and the audience is the audience. Once the music starts its all the same to me, just exactly where I want to be.

Any venues in the Northeast you're the most excited for?

I'm really excited for the whole tour to be honest, there isn't one particular location i'm more excited for since I've had awesome shows in the past in each of the cities. I'm just most excited to get back out to those places I haven't been in 6 months or a year and catch up with some of the old fans who have been out to past shows and supported me from the beginning.

What are you adding into the mix for your live performances on the Doing Bodies Good Tour? Any exciting developments set-wise?

Oh yeah, there are a few secrets in development for the tour, but if I said what they were it wouldn't be a surprise at the show! All I can say is that if you've seen me in the past and had a good time, I personally guarantee you will have an awesome time at one of these shows. I've been lucky enough to be able to keep upgrading my live-set with new, fun audio and visual technology, so all that new shit will be put to the ultimate test this tour.

BroBible Presents: Milkman's Doing Bodies Good Tour with Speical Guest XXXChange

5.16.12 - Union Transfer, Philadelphia, PA | Tickets Here

5.17.12 - The Fillmore at Silver Spring, Washington, D.C. | Tickets Here

5.18.12 - Royale, Boston, MA | Tickets Here

5.19.12 - Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY | Tickets Here

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