by Andy Moore on October 28, 2013


At 10 p.m., Kelly hadn't shown. By 11 p.m., he still hadn't, and midnight went by without an appearance. The minutes ticked away.

Finally, at 1 a.m., a guy who was pretty clearly an R. Kelly impersonator walked on stage. He lip-synched for four minutes, using his phone for lyrical help, and then completed his performance. Show over. Texted Johnson to local TV news station KNOE News, “I'm so sorry. I got DOOPED.” He later wrote on the event's official Facebook page, “A STATEMENT WILL BE GIVEN ON TODAY AS TO WHAT ACCUTALLY HAPPEND AT THE PARTY.” We're still awaiting an explanation.

It all, somehow, gets better. According to gossip site, the impersonator is actually a dude who goes by “R. Jelly” and performs a song called “Thump and Grind.” God bless everyone involved in this story.

[H/T: KNOE 8 News]

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