by Reggie Noble on July 25, 2012

After sidestepping a potential sex-tape scandal earlier this month, the “Call Me Maybe” singer yet again finds herself smack-dab in the middle of nipple-related news.

CRJ was the victim of a hacker who stole authentic racy images off her computer and shopped them to multiple outlets.

Police are reportedly “investigating the unauthorized use of a computer, theft of telecommunications, and criminal harassment related to Ms. Jepsen,” according to Global News.

“One suspect – an adult male – has been identified, but at this time he has not been arrested or charged, as the investigation continues,” Const. Lindsey Houghton said.

Whether the phone and/or computer were hacked or stolen has not yet been disclosed.

The investigation is said to have begun in mid-March, and was escalated after the recent leaked photos and video.

If caught, the suspect would face criminal harassment and unauthorized access of a computer charges, which carry jail time.

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