by Alevin and the Chaymunks on March 10, 2011

50. Overdoz.

Hometown/College: Los Angeles; Arizona State University

Must-Have Music: Live For Die For (mixtape download)

49. Hendersin

Hometown/College: Buckland, Mass.; Bridgewater State College

Must-Have Music: Detour (mixtape download)

48. Kid Casual

Hometown: Patterson, N.J.

Must-Have Music: Back to Basics (mixtape download)

47. Phil Ade

Hometown/College: Washington, D.C.; Oakwood University

Must-Have Music: The Letterman (mixtape download)

46. IMG

Hometown/College: Maplewood, N.J.; Syracuse University

Must-Have Music: The Movement (mixtape download)

45. Mike Stud

Hometown/College: Providence, R.I.; Duke University, Georgetown University

Must-Have Music: “College Humor” (song download)

44. D-Why

Hometown: Charleston, W.V.; Morgantown, W.V.

Must-Have Music: “Crazy World” (song download)

43. Aziz

Hometown/College: Nashua, N.H.; Brandeis University

Must-Have Music: Leave Me Az Iz (mixtape download){pagebreak}

42. K.O. Kid

Hometown/College: Chapel Hill, N.C.; East Carolina University

Must-Have Music: Doctor’s Orders (mixtape download)

41. Goone

Hometown/College: Chesterfield, Mo.; University of Missouri

Must-Have Music: Grapefruit Starship (mixtape download)

40. Starting Six

Hometown/College: Pinole, Calif.; CSU Northridge, UC Davis, San Diego State, UCLA, UC Riverside

Must-Have Music: “Thirsty” (Thirsty - Thirsty)

39. Dean and Ravo

Hometown/College: Edgewater Park, N.J.; Boston College

Must-Have Music: A to B (mixtape download)

38. Moufy

Hometown: Boston

Must-Have Music: City Dreamin’ (mixtape download)

37. Young Prince

Hometown/College: Washington, D.C.; Guilford College

Must-Have Music: War (mixtape download)

36. Olu

Hometown/College: Cleveland; Bowling Green University

Must-Have Music: Boy Meets World (mixtape download)

35. Guy Harrison

Hometown/College: Voorhees, N.J.; Syracuse University

Must-Have Music: The Deadline (mixtape download){pagebreak}

34. Spoken Phor

Hometown/College: New York; Wesleyan University

Must-Have Music: Half Way There (mixtape download)

33. Matt Easton

Hometown/College: Libertyville, Ill.; University of Kansas

Must-Have Music: Intro to Public Speaking (mixtape download)

32. Collin McLoughlin

Hometown/College: New York/Colgate University

Must-Have Music: “Airplanes Remix” (song download)

31. Lil B

Hometown: Los Angeles

Must-Have Music: The Best of Lil B (mixtape download)

30. Dave Raps

Hometown/College: Yonkers, N.Y.; Santa Fe College

Must-Have Music: H.Y.P.E. (mixtape download)

29. Kyle Lucas

Hometown/College: Marietta, Ga.; Kennesaw State University

Must-Have Music: It’s Always Sunny in Marietta (mixtape download)

28. Jazz Cartier

Hometown: Toronto

Must-Have Music: “Jaguar Jazzy” (song download); “It’s All Good (song download)

27. Grynch

Hometown: Seattle

Must-Have Music: Rapping About Rapping (mixtape download){pagebreak}

26. Justin W

Hometown: Baltimore

Must-Have Music: Gone Til November (mixtape download)

25. Split Second

Hometown: Hartford

Must-Have Music: Up Past Lights (mixtape download)

24. Fortune Family

Hometown: Philadelpha; New York University

Must-Have Music: Paradox EP (mixtape download)

23. All Out

Hometown: Boston;Tufts University

Must-Have Music: All Out Everything (mixtape download)

22. KAM Royal

Hometown/College: Washington D.C.; Tulane University

Must-Have Music: Business as Usual (mixtape download)

21. e-dubble

Hometown/College: Philadelphia; St. Mary’s College

Must-Have Music: Written Thursday (mixtape download); Hip-Hop is Good (hip-hop Is Good - e-dubble)

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