by Andy Moore on September 12, 2013

Called #MEALTIME, and predominately written in ALL-CAPS, 2 Chainz' cookbook was released this week in tandem with the rapper's new album B.O.A.T.S II: Me Time. The book includes delicious-looking recipes for Garlicky Green Beans, Beer-Steamed Snow Crab Legs, Teriyaki Salmon among others, and, incredibly, each recipe lines up with one of the album's songs.

No really. The songs are incorporated into the recipes. There are also instructions like “Put on your Versace apron” and “If you are wearing a four-finger ring, carefully place it on a side table before starting to cook.”

And for instance, before making Chainz' mango salsa, he asks you to “Position yourself in a room surrounded by a handful of TVs playing SportsCenter with the sound off.” Before making his green beans, you're supposed to “call Fergie and invite her over.” Etc. Keep in mind, too, that none of these measurements are exact. Says Tity Boi in the intro, “KEEP IN MIND, ALL MEASUREMENTS ARE AT THE DISCRETION OF YOUR PALETTE. AS WE ALL KNOW, SOME PEOPLE HAVE A LOT OF FLAVOR, WHILE OTHERS ENJOY THEIR FOOD AND THEIR LIFESTYLE A LITTLE MORE SUBTLE (BORING). ALSO KEEP IN MIND THAT THESE RECIPES ARE INTENDED TO BE MADE AT 70 MPH WHEN YOU’RE ON A TOUR BUS, SO EXACT MEASUREMENTS CAN’T ALWAYS BE ACCOMMODATED.”

I guess you're wondering now how the food looks?

This is the best reason to buy a physical CD, ever.

[H/T: Entertainment Weekly, Grantland]

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