The Last BroBible Summer Mix of the Summer Will End Your Season with Bang

Bros… All good things must end. The summer is 2014 is officially over after this weekend and we’re going out with […]

Some Unemployed Guy With A Recorder Just Made This Hilarious Cover To ‘Wrecking Ball’


VIDEO: What Are Pitbull’s 5 Favorite Things About Miami? The Trim, the Trim, the Trim, the Trim and the Trim

Pitbull likes sex.

Dude Covers Creed’s ‘Higher’ In the Best Possible Way, Which, Of Course, Is Atrociously

Just when you thought it wasn't possible to make a terrible song worse, this guy defied the odds.

The Video for Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj’s ‘Bang Bang’ Is … Overtly Sexual

They didn't sugarcoat it one bit.

Premiere: Watch the Lyric Video for Steve Aoki’s ‘Delirious (Boneless)’ feat. Kid Ink

L.A. rapper Kid Ink has brought Steve Aoki's track "Delirious (Boneless)" with Chris Lake and Tujamo come to life by adding lyrics.

Is Taylor Swift a Feminist Now?

She woke up like this.

Suge Knight Says ‘I Ain’t No Snitch,’ Isn’t Talking to Cops About Getting Shot

Whether you think it's smart or stupid, Suge Knight is staying real to the streets about getting shot.

Hoodie Allen’s Dope New Video Features Smokin’ Hot Instagram Model Bryana Holly

The last time an e-mail from Hoodie Allen landed in my inbox, it was to announce his track "Nolan Ryan."

An In-Depth Analysis of All the Times Suge Knight Has Been Shot

It surprisingly frequent.

Taylor Swift’s VMAs Performance of ‘Shake It Off’ With Only Her Vocals Is Kind of Cringeworthy


Kim Kardashian and Her Sisters Were Texting During the Ferguson Tribute at the VMAs

If you watched the VMAs tonight, you'll recall rapper Common having a brief moment of silence for the events that unfolded in Ferguson, Missouri this

This Tweet About the VMAs Is Proof That Adam Levine and Maroon 5 Are Fucking Sell-Outs

Eat crow, Adam Levine.

Ya Tay. Ya. (GIF)

This is Taylor Swift dancing to Iggy Azalea.


Captured on one of MTV’s Audience Cams during the VMAs. This is why Taylor Swift is the best. Most white […]

Miley Cyrus Is 100% Mesmerized by Taylor Swift’s VMA Shake It Off Performance

Taylor Swift performs the new white girl anthem of the year, "Shake It Off," while Miley Cyrus gawks with the blankest of blank expressions on

If You Like Videos of ‘Sandstorm’ Played in Weird Ways, You’ll Love This Version with Floppy Disks

I promise.

Woman’s Hilariously Bad Imitation of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ Video Will Make Your Day

This comedian nails this spoof.

Man Shot and Killed at a Wiz Khalifa Concert

This is certainly terrifying. All this happened at a concert at Shoreline Amphitheater in California.

Mellow Down Your Summer BroBible’s Summer Mix Summer Mix 2014 Vol. 13 Featuring Bearson

Summer is beginning to mellow. Can you feel it in the air? We have a perfect mix for just that...

Katy Perry and Riff Raff Combined For… Well, I Guess It’s Music

It's not the best music.

Identical Twin Brothers From Chicago are Living the Life as EDM DJs

Milk N Cookies are Chicago natives that have put out good music consistently this summer.

The Top 10 Highest Paid EDM DJs, Including One Who Earned $66 Million Last Year

Forbes has released its now-annual Electronic Cash Kings 2014 list ranking the biggest earners in the EDM world.

Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ Just Put Me Through Puberty Again

It was that intense.

Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ Video is One Big Twerkfest, She Even Twerks All Over Drake’s Crotch

Oh boy.

Rapper Earl Sweatshirt Says Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ Music Video Might Be Racist

The Internet was quick to laugh at Taylor Swift's new music video/single “Shake it Off” when it debuted yesterday. D

Listen to Gazzo’s Sick Remix of 2Pac’s ‘Changes’

For his latest single, Gazzo, remixed “Changes” by 2Pac.

Reminder: We’re Giving Away Two Free Tickets to TomorrowWorld!

Bros... TomorrowWorld is around the corner and we have the hook-up for one lucky BroBible reader.

As a Male, I Can’t Even With Taylor Swift’s New Music Video


EXCLUSIVE: Bobby Brackins Drops Booty-tastic Lyric Video for ‘Hot Box’ Featuring G-Eazy and Mila J

California-based songwriter/producer/rapper Bobby Brackins has been blowing up over the last few weeks.