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7 bacon cheesecakes to celebrate National Cheesecake Day

By / 07.30.12

In honor of today being National Cheesecake Day we wanted to bring you some recipes and photos of the more masculine side of baking. Particularly those cheesecakes that involved man’s second best friend: bacon. Because as we’ve seen time and again on this site bacon makes (almost) everything better.

Abby’s Infamous Cheesecake with a Bacon Crust and Bacon Turtle Topping

bacon caramel cheesecake via baconconcentrate.blogspot.com

Abby’s Infamous Cheesecake with a Bacon Crust and Bacon Turtle Topping. For full baking instructions see Bacon Concentrate.

Mini Bacon Cheesecakes

Con Poulos, Food Network

Perfect for entertaining, the Mini Bacon Cheesecake. For full baking instructions see: Food Network.

Blue Cheese and Bacon Cheesecake

bluecheese cheesecake

I know what you’re thinking, these are beginning to seem overly rich, but come on! Blue cheese, apple, bacon, and cheesecake! How could this end poorly? For full baking instructions see: fatgirltrappedinaskinnybody. (photo via fatgirltrappedinaskinnybody.com)

Mini Bacon Cheesecake


Ok, I know this is the second recipe of ‘mini’ cheesecakes, which seems inherently to go against the testosterone fueled combination of bacon and manliness, but I’ll be damned if these don’t look delicious. For full baking instructions see: bakingwithblondie. Photo via BakingWithBlondie

Bacon Cheesecake

instructables bacon cheesecake

Yes, this one could definitely use some aesthetics work. That being said, the reviews are in and it appears to be delicious. For full baking instructions see: Instructables. Photo via Instructables

The Sweet Bacon Cheesecake and/or Cupcake

Oh what’s that you asked for? A sweet bacon recipe that can be for a cheesecake or cupcake? Yah, we’ve got that one covered too. For full baking instructions see: MrBaconPants. Photo via MrBaconPants

Bacon Cheesecake with Bacon-Infused Toppings

We heard you’d like some bacon infused bacon with your bacon cheesecake. Well, this recipe’s for you. For full baking instructions see: Yummly. Photo via Yummly

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