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By 04.20.12

How many times have you been enjoying some tasty bacon, and said to yourself, “I could eat 1000 pieces of bacon right now”? Well, one man tried, and it went about as well as you might expect.

The guys over at Epic Meal Time have made some pretty ridiculous creations, but I don’t think they’ve ever put 1050 strips and strips and strips on any of their creations. To be honest, it’s a bit of a let down seeing just how small that pile is. What is this, a burger for ants? I was picturing a stack at least thee times bigger than this. At least we got to enjoy the soothing sound of a steelpan drum.

Tip of the meat cap to @JimmyTraina

Colin Joliat
About Colin Joliat... Colin Joliat is the 2nd best person to ever come from Flint, Michigan, behind only Andre "Bad Moon" Rison. He covers the food & alcohol industries with two parts information, one part comedy, and one part WTF is wrong with this guy. He's currently pretending people care about his new drunken venture, Boozist.
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