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Cat survives over a year on nothing but McDonald’s

By 04.16.13

I said I’d never cover cats on the internet, but this isn’t your average feline getting famous for having a poorly arranged face. This cat managed to survive for over a year eating nothing but burgers and nuggets from McDonald’s.



‘Frankie’ had lived in a fast food restaurant car park since residents of a nearby apartment block were evicted and left it behind as a kitten 12 to 18 months ago, One News reported.

The abandoned kitten quickly learned to follow cars through the drive through in the hope they would throw it a chicken nugget or part of a burger.

That’s some Heathcliff shit right there. Someone get him over to Burger King because Frankie is king of the fast-food castle. Pretty smart for something that was just a kitten at the time. I’m not really sure how it took more than a year for an animal welfare group to snatch this guy up. I don’t even want a cat, but I’d adopt that little bugger just so my pet and I would have the same eating habits.

I’ve claimed I could eat McD’s every day after a few particularly hungover trips to the golden arches, but those instances were quickly followed by a 2-page single-spaced apology letter to my body. Eating McDonald’s everyday is tantamount to masochism. Then again, animals eat the same food day after day so it might as well be a gut-busting McDouble with a nuggetini chaser.

Cat survives on cheeseburgers for a year [NineMSN]

Colin Joliat
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