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Bacon bowls are the new bread

By 07.29.13

Bacon is the worlds greatest topping, but it can also be its own food container. The Bacon Bowl helps create exactly that so you’ll never need regular bowls or bread ever again. It another in a long line of ridiculous As Seen on TV products, so you know it’s good.

If you don’t care about draining the grease, you can actually just use a muffin tray to make your own bacon bowl. That’s actually the only reason I own a muffin tray because I have no idea how to make cupcakes’ shitty cousin.

AsSeenOnTVBlog via Consumerist

Colin Joliat
About Colin Joliat... Colin Joliat is the 2nd best person to ever come from Flint, Michigan, behind only Andre "Bad Moon" Rison. He covers the food & alcohol industries with two parts information, one part comedy, and one part WTF is wrong with this guy. He's currently pretending people care about his new drunken venture, Boozist.
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