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How to pour the perfect pint of beer

By 02.05.14

You probably don’t care about beer head if you’re pouring into a red solo cup at the frat house, but if you’re looking for the perfect pour other times, this video will teach you how it’s done. Caution: minimal science ahead.

The natural head differs based on the beer, especially if it’s Guinness, but you should be able to keep it under control. We’ve all seen the guy who ends up with a full cup of foam. He usually tries to blame the keg, but we all know it’s his fault. All that beer needs is a little time, love, and tenderness and you’ll have the perfect pint ever time. Just be sure you do the Belgian Dip if you’re drinking a Trappist beer.

Colin Joliat
About Colin Joliat... Colin Joliat is the 2nd best person to ever come from Flint, Michigan, behind only Andre "Bad Moon" Rison. He covers the food & alcohol industries with two parts information, one part comedy, and one part WTF is wrong with this guy. He's currently pretending people care about his new drunken venture, Boozist.
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