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Ne-Yo is remixing a brand new liquor for 2012

By / 11.09.11

There are plenty of celebrities that have their own alcohol. Diddy has Cîroc, Dan Aykroyd has Crystal Head, and Danny Devito has Limoncello to name a few. Now Ne-Yo has decided to put his smooth sounds into the game.



Unlike the other three, Ne-Yo isn’t developing his own brand. Instead, he has formed a long-term partnership with Malibu to produce Malibu Red. I could probably give you 25 guesses and you still wouldn’t guess exactly what it actually is, and that’s because it’s rum and tequila mixed together in one delicious bottle. Yes, you read that correctly, rum and tequila.

Malibu® Red, a groundbreaking new product innovation to appear on shelves in early 2012. A blend of smooth coconut rum and fiery silver tequila, Malibu Red will inspire taste buds worldwide and allow consumers, bartenders and the spirits industry at large to rethink the rum category – and brand partnerships.

Before you immediately write this off as something disgusting, let it be known that I’ve been drinking coconut rum and tequila together since the summer of 2009. A friend of mine was on Oprah’s Mediterranean dream cruise and happened to tweak one of the signature drinks aboard the ship. He brought this new concoction back to the States where it became known as a Moosecock (long story). It’s strong but sweet, and men and women alike love them…just as long as you don’t actually tell them what’s in it beforehand.

UPDATE: Malibu Black is a great option too. Same taste as Malibu, higher proof.

I’ll be anxious to try this blend and see how it turns out. I’m always hopeful new products end up delicious because I think it’s far too easy for people to get comfortable with their standard order and not be adventurous. There’s currently nothing like Malibu Red on the market, so the niche is there for the taking.

Two Canadian Mounties are bored while riding around on duty so they decide to play twenty questions. The first Canadian tries to think of a subject for his friend to guess and, after a little pondering, comes up with “moose cock.” He tells his friend he’s ready to play.

“OK,” says the second Canadian. “Is it something you can eat?”

The first Canadian thinks for a moment, then laughs and replies, “Sure, I guess you could eat it.”

The second Canadian says, “Is it a moose cock?”

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