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Narragansett Beer re-releases 1975 ‘Jaws’ can

By / 08.07.13

Everyone wants in on the Shark Week action, including Narragansett Beer. They re-released their 1975 beer can that was made famous in the movie Jaws.



If you don’t remember the scene, shame on you. Captain Sam Quint (Robert Shaw) chugged a beer and then crushed it to intimidate Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss). Not one to be scared by such a frat boy act, Hooper chugged his plastic cup and crushed it…like a boss.

The 1975 can is back on shelves for a limited time throughout New England, which means I might start looking into flights out East. That seems totally reasonable, right? Just think how appropriate it would be to put a shark fin in your shark beer!

This isn’t the first time Narragansett has brought back the 1975 can. They held a “Crush it Like Quint” contest last year to see who could produce the most creative video of themselves crushing the old school can. While the beer does fine on its own, they certainly know from where some of that brand loyalty came.

via NarragansettBeer

This is the best video of the scene in question that I could track down for you.

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