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7 of the most efficient beers for getting drunk without getting fat

By / 08.22.13
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low calorie beers list

Beer belly image by Shutterstock

It’s simple: when it comes to beer, men want the finest fat-to-fun ratio possible. “Let’s get drunk tonight” is heard more often than “Let’s get fat tonight” for a reason, so let’s take a look at some well-known brews that offer beer drinkers the most bang for their buck.

137 Calories / 6% ABV

This slightly sweet Anheuser-Busch varietal comes in a striking blue bottle and features a tidy 6% alcohol content for fast-tracking inebriation.

119 Calories / 3.96% ABV

This light Japanese brew is a crystal clear light yellow like urine, but has notes of rice and a gentle overall flavor, unlike urine. It’s a step up from most light beers, but not as easy to find.

miller lite

Ryan Glenn, Flickr

96 Calories / 4.2% ABV

This pale lager was the original mainstream light beer, having been developed in the 60’s. Today it remains popular amongst men looking to keep their body-age somewhere below the senior citizen level.

64 Calories / 2.8% ABV

The crisp, fresh tasting MGD 64 is low in carbs and calories, and is perfect for keeping it light without looking like a total pansy.

55 Calories / 2.4% ABV

This counterstrike to Miller 64 is one of the lightest beers in the world and ideal for continual drinking without premature passing out.

95 Calories / 4.1% ABV

This pale lager has been charming beer drinkers since 1989 with its economical price and low husky/happy ratio.

natty light

Simon Doggett, Flickr

95 Calories / 4.2% ABV

Ye ol’ Natty Light is a pilsner that’s so cheap, it practically buys you. It doesn’t taste of greatness, but it sure does the trick without packing on the pounds.

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