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Girl drinks beer through her ear

By 05.09.13

This girl drinks beer through the ear. Sound impossible? You obviously haven’t hung out with enough crazy Russian people. I don’t actually know that she’s Russian, but she’s crazy enough to be and the title is written in Russian, so I’m going to assume.

Apparently songs about butt chugging have dissuaded people from ingesting alcohol though lower orifices, so they are taking it back topside. Instead of just drinking like a normal person, this girl decided to drink beer through her ear. Why? What’s wrong with you? I wish Ed Norton popped out at the last second and punched her in the ear.

via With Leather

Colin Joliat
About Colin Joliat... Colin Joliat is the 2nd best person to ever come from Flint, Michigan, behind only Andre "Bad Moon" Rison. He covers the food & alcohol industries with two parts information, one part comedy, and one part WTF is wrong with this guy. He's currently pretending people care about his new drunken venture, Boozist.
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