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Bud Light to sell strawberry margaritas

By / 11.15.12


Bud Light continues to expand their empire beyond basic beer pong beers, and the latest creation, Bud Light Lime “Straw-Ber-Rita,” is just in time for…winter?

Contrary to what your inner manly man demands your perceive as cool, Bud Light Lime-A-Rita is a runaway success. They reportedly took a .5% Q2 market share in the beer/malted beverages category. That’s a pretty impressive start for something at which most people, including myself, scoffed. It should come as no surprise then that they are expanding the brand to include the always popular strawberry margarita.

The story from MyBeerBuzz suggests that it will be 199 calories for an 8-ounce can. While probably not a direct competitor with Sinnygirl Margaritas, it is interesting to note that the two products have almost identical calories per serving. Where’s the love for how amazingly healthy the new Bud Light ‘ritas are?

“I actually think your children are too young to be having children. And as far as your children’s children’s children, I think, you know, where does it stop? When the–When the children are having children, you know, it’s just–how small are they going to get?”
-Jemaine Clement, Flight of the Conchords

Another interesting thing to note is that AB-InBev continues to expand the Bud Light family tree in lieu of Budweiser. When Bud Light Platinum was introduced, it was placed under the Bud Light umbrella predominantly because that’s the most successful product AB has at the moment. It’s 137 calorie content is much closer to Budweiser’s 145 calories than it is Bud Light’s 110. The beauty for the marketing squad is that “light” doesn’t actually carry any meaning in the alcohol industry. While we typically would think of something in the range of 90-110 calories, there’s nothing requiring that be the case. Now we have another addition, this time branching off Bud Light Lime. How long until we have Bud Light Platinum Lime Diet Twister Tea Infused Tequila?

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