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8 best tips for dealing with customer service reps

By / 07.11.13
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customer service reps

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It doesn’t matter whether it’s over the phone, via chat window, or through email; customer service reps have it rough. Angry, impatient customers demand that customer service agents fix problems they didn't create, day and night. On the other hand, it’s their job and it's what they're paid to do. They have to follow careful guidelines, and we do too to play their game properly. Here are some tips for dealing with customer service reps.

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frustrated caller

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…be firm, but understanding. This may seem like a no-brainer, but what I mean here is to let them know that you understand what they can't do, but that you need to know what they can do. Sometimes this simple tactic helps them rack their brains and come up with an alternate solution to your issue.

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angry man

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…put it on speakerphone and do something else. Watch TV, cook dinner, check your email…anything. Just don’t sit there fuming that you’re on hold when you can use that time to do other things instead.

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internet support

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…check the Internet. Sites like have the answer to connecting with a human being at your (least) favorite company.

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…ask for a manager. Many times, this can be helpful, because managers will have the ability to "okay" certain actions on your behalf, whereas their staff might not.

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…take to social media. Someone is manning their social media account, will see your complaint, and will have to respond to it since you’ve called the company out publicly.

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customer service rep

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…don’t call them. How many times have you heard someone complain that they called and "got India?" This thinly-veiled, somewhat racist comment is brought on by frustration, sure, but it also can be avoided by using the right method of contact, like email or a chat program from the company’s Web site.

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woman on phone

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…it’s still no reason to be an asshole. These are people just trying to do their job. They want to help, and if they’re unable you can bet that they’re frustrated too. Stay calm, be cool and collect yourself. Be firm, be demanding, but be respectful.

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woman phone

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...let them know that if you don't hear back by a specific date or get a resolution to your issue that you will be filing a claim with the Better Business Bureau. Those three words alone can do the trick.

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