by Andy Moore on April 2, 2013

On Sunday, the site released a clip announcing its search for an ultimate YouTube “winner.” A clip that would represent the best YouTube has to offer, a video to rule them all. After the winner was decided, every other clip on the site would be deleted—meaning we'd be left with a world without Antoine Dodson, Russian dashcams, and Harlem Shake memes.

(It's up to you to decide whether that would be a good thing.)

YouTube kept the joke going yesterday, hosting a live, 12-hour stream in which two people announced real nominees for the contest. If you watch even a little bit of it, you realize that each actor reads the full description of each video nominated, misspellings and grammatical mistakes included.

It's a pretty awe-inspiring commitment to a joke. I'm not sure how they plan on topping it next year.

[H/T: YouTube]

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