by Reggie Noble on November 28, 2012

MISUSE OF 911, HADCOCK ROAD: A woman called police at 4:25 a.m. Nov. 24 to report that a person had broken into her house and she had been able to trap the burglar in a box. When officers arrived, the woman pointed to an empty box in her kitchen and said she had forced the intruder into it, but he had subsequently jumped out. Police searched the house and found no one inside. They did, however, notice a bottle of liquor and a glass in the kitchen. The woman told them that she had “just started drinking.” She was cited for misuse of 911 for using the service when there was no emergency, and warned that further use could result in her being arrested. The woman said that due to ongoing problems at the apartment complex, she was planning to move out of the state.

And somewhere, a brilliant criminal tells his derelict buddies about the time he escaped from a cardboard box like Harry Houdini.

[H/T: Cleveland DOT Com]