by J. Camm on April 23, 2014


It seems like just yesterday that I covered Vaginal Knitting (poon art is kind of my beat) and now we’ve got something called “PlopEgg Painting,” which is the act of shooting paint-filled eggs out of a vagina. PlopEgg painting is performed in the nude and in public so passersby can see “the birth of a picture.” Ah yes, I couldn’t agree more that a picture is never really birthed until some ass and titties are unsheathed.

I don’t understand art, but when it involves boobs and vaginas, in any capacity, I kind of don’t need to. I kind of also don’t need to write anything else here. But I will end by saying that if you want to see the uncensored version of this, you can find a link to it on YouTube page.

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[H/T: David Covucci by way of So Bad So Good]

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