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If This Guy Thinks Wind Turbines Really Cause More Wind Then…Well…He Is One Stupid Asshole

By 08.25.14


Sadly, I don’t think our friend Timmy Turbine is actually a stupid asshole. Why is that sad? I don’t know, I guess I just prefer people to be genuine and I really wish he believed something so outrageous. But he doesn’t, because this is obvious satire. (You hear that, Facebook? Don’t forget to tag it as such so people don’t get confused. Although I’m sure people still will.) All that said, what isn’t satirical his inability to take a horizontal video. And for that he’ll always be a stupid asshole to me.

J. Camm
About J. Camm... J. Camm is the Managing Editor of BroBible. He is a graduate of the University of Miami thanks mostly in part to a world-class short-term memory. When not writing drivel on the Internet, J.Camm enjoys golf and the inexplicable satisfaction that comes with forgetting a person's name the exact instant he meets them.
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