by David Covucci on May 14, 2014


According to Yahoo, the anonymous Standard Hotel employee who leaked the Jay-Z-Solange fight video to TMZ made a serious amount of scratch.

Jo Piazza, a Yahoo Travel editor and author of “Celebrity, Inc.,” said, “That tape sold for at least $250,000.”

If you can’t trust the dude who wrote Celebrity, Inc., who can you trust? Of course, whoever shared that video is going to get sued for much, much more than that.

Peter Krulewitch, president of Kingston Investors, a real estate investment firm that has a stake in the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles, said, “Most hotels have cameras in their elevators for security and there is a high level of expectation of privacy. This (leak) is a grievous lapse of security. People should expect privacy in a hotel—what happens there stays there. We’ve never had any incident. If this happened in our hotel we’d interview everybody who had access, fire them, and bring action against them. When somebody does that they’re stealing something that is yours and selling it.”


[H/T Elite Daily]


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