by Reggie Noble on July 2, 2012

The report reveals that one in three high school students has consumed alcohol within the last month and 20 percent had participated in binge drinking.

To the statistics!

10. Texas
9. Ohio
8. New Jersey
7. New Hampshire
6. Wisconsin
5. Wyoming
4. Montana
3. North Dakota
2. South Dakota
1. Arizona

Oh, and Arizona really took the cake on this one.

Arizona has the highest percentage of high school students who binge drink at 26.5%. Unlike the rest of the states in the top 10 for binge drinking, Arizona ranks in the top 10 for the percentage of high schoolers who have reported the use of methamphetamines (sixth), inhalants (sixth) and heroin (eighth). Arizona also reports the second-highest percentage of 9th to 12th graders who have seriously considered attempting suicide at 18.7%.

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