by Lance Pauker on August 7, 2012

The internet has been buzzing with news that Wendys–best known for its popularity amongst the highly overweight and the highly hungover–is dabbling in fancy-pants meals for their Japan locations. 

Joining the Foie Gras Rossini and the Truffle and Porcini Grilled Chicken Sandwich are three new meals ranging in cost from $16 to $20.

There's the Surf and Turf burger — that's a hamburger topped with lobster, lettuce, tomato, and red onion. There's the Lobster and Caviar burger: Lobster chunks and lobster salad topped with caviar. And, finally, the Ocean Premium Salad, which consists of lobster, caviar, avocado, an egg, and assorted vegetables.

All I have to say is that this sh*t is clearly a far cry from BK's Bacon Sundae .

[H/T: Gawker

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