by Reggie Noble on November 17, 2012

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The 10 Most Hateable Fan Bases in College Basketball

6 Things You Need to Know About Gold Mining and Reality TV, By Todd and Jack Hoffman of ‘Gold Rush’

College Football Bro Gets Lucky on Election Night, Plus the Most Ridiculous Tale of Sex We’ve Heard

Should You Stay Single in College or Should You Be in a Relationship?

5 Annoying Ways Chicks Have It Easier Than Dudes

7 Annoying Ways Dudes Have It Easier Than Chicks: A Rebuttal

Easiest Way to Score the ‘Hard to Get’ Chick

Definitive Guide on How to Get Out of the Friend Zone

9 Postgraduate Jobs, and What It’s Like to ‘Work’ in Them

What Went Viral 

I Think We’d All Love to Be This Chick’s Co-Worker, Plus This Weekend’s Top Talent

That Railing is the Greatest Thing to Ever Happen to Her Boobs, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

The Best of the ‘Soul Searching Sophomore’ Meme

Female Duke Lacrosse Player Goes ‘Blackface’ on Halloween, Photo Naturally Lands on Team’s Website

‘Pre-drinking’ or ‘Pre-funking’ Common Among Young Alcohol Users,’ According to LA Times Article

Shocking New Study Suggests Women Enjoy Men With Large Members

Meet Maximus Thor, A 6-Year-Old Who Will Kick Your Ass at the Gym

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