by J. Camm on April 30, 2014


Let’s be honest, in the same way that you don’t need a scale to tell you if you’re fat, you don’t need this site,, to tell you if you’re ugly. All you need is a mirror and the lack of complete delusion. Or, just ask a small child, they are renowned for telling it how it is. If a kid says you’re a fat, ugly mishmash of human skin, that shits the truth.

One thing AnaFace has going for it that your mirror and harsh children assuredly don’t is that it rates the beauty of your face on a ten point scale. Making it the perfect website for gangs of competitive narcissists or anyone who can’t quite decide which girl they are “kind of seeing” is the hottest.

Now go forth and see if you’re really the HARD 9 you think you are.

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