by J. Camm on September 4, 2012

According to the Daily Mail:

A woman flew into a jealous rage and chopped off her partner’s penis before flushing it down the toilet after discovering that he was cheating.

Huaman Julia Muñoz, 41, allegedly decided to inflict a grisly act of revenge on her partner, Ramon Arias Apayco’s, 46, while he slept.

Munoz allegedly sliced off her boyfriend's penis with a kitchen knife as he slept at a hostel in Brena, Peru 

The scorned woman attempted to flee after her violent act but was caught by horrified hostel staff who alerted the police. 

When police quizzed her about the attack, she confessed that she had discovered that her partner had been unfaithful and she reacted in fury.


I don't care if he cheated or got caught whacking off to anime-shemale porn, chopping his penis off is not right, and flushing it down the toilet exceeds cruel. Like I said, this poor bastard is ruined forever. He's going to spend the rest of his life finger-fucking like a 9th grader while his dick swims in a river of piss and shit. No reason to go on living, as far as I'm concerned.

J. Camm

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