by Andy Moore on March 26, 2013

Sweet validation is coming. From the New York Times:

According to people who work with an industry working group that the Federal Aviation Administration set up last year to study the use of portable electronics on planes, the agency hopes to announce by the end of this year that it will relax the rules for reading devices during takeoff and landing. The change would not include cellphones.

One member of the group and an official of the F.A.A., both of whom asked for anonymity because they were not allowed to speak publicly about internal discussions, said the agency was under tremendous pressure to let people use reading devices on planes, or to provide solid scientific evidence why they cannot.


Yeah, Louis CK was right when he said that we take the “miracle of flight” for granted. And yeah, it always turns out to be a total of 30 minutes each flight that you're cut off from your electronics. But damnit, WE WERE LIED TO AND NOW THEY'RE BACKTRACKING. That feels good.

[H/T: NY Times]

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