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Usain Bolt Dances Harder Than Most People Fuck

By 03.24.14


Is he inside her?

I think he’s inside her.

(I know he’s not inside her…yet)



This “clinic on how to dance with a female” performed by the world’s fastest man all took place at a insane Carnival party in Trinidad & Tobago and let me just be the first to say “masterful work, Usain.” JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY, but masterful work nonetheless. We all look like fucking amateurs by comparison.

I would normally say we should probably start a “Bolt-ing” or “Usain-ing” meme where we all just post photos on the internet aggressively grinding on people, places and things, but this dance already has a name: DAGGERING. No joke, that’s what it’s called and it has already become a popular way of dancing in Jamaica. No telling how long until it makes its way stateside. Fingers crossed it happens in the next 24-48 hours.

If that wasn’t enough, watch him “dagger” on video because you’d only be robbing yourself if you didn’t.

I hope no one ever tells Bolt or Jamaica that the objective of dancing with chicks isn’t cumming in your pants. That could ruin them forever.

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[H/T and images via TMZ]

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