by J. Camm on July 3, 2014

map-of-american-guysI don’t even know what to make of this map which supposedly details the types of dudes you find in each major city. In New York City (where I live) we are apparently bedroom-eyes-having, panty-dropping, porn enthusiasts. Well, that’s pretty accurate. But in the same way horoscopes or the characteristics of a zodiac sign are totally fucking generic, yet “So true, I AM SUCH A LEO, you guys,” those things could have been used to describe dudes in every city. Except Seattle. All the dudes in Seattle are still crying themselves to sleep at night because some filly broke their heart half a decade ago and their erectile dysfunction is too crippling to be as #PornEducated as the rest of us. Get your fucking act together, Seattle.

[H/T Time]

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