by J. Camm on May 28, 2014

nsa-cocksucker, redirecting you to the NSA website since…hopefully forever. Go on, click that link back there. See I’m lying about this.

According to Death and Taxes:

According to a Whois lookup, the domain was registered anonymously, and was last changed back in December 3, 2013. It seems likely that it’s the work of a member of Anonymous, based not only on the somewhat juvenile style of the joke (the collective did run an operation called “Titstorm,” after all), but also because one of the Anonymous Twitter accounts retweeted two tweets about it.

The redirect was apparently spotted by Dan Stuckey, a reporter for VICE and evidently a guy who has typed into his browser on at least one occasion. I don’t know what path in life leads you to that, VICE reports on some weird shit, but sometimes the greatest discoveries happen by mere chance.

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