by Brandon Wenerd on June 20, 2014


The Internet is obsessed with “lifehacks,” often to the point where it’s almost a little nauseating. I consider myself a pretty savvy citizen of the Internet, but I never heard of Unethical Lifehacks until I came across an Imgur thread dedicated to the subject. The website is dedicated to getting your way in life in pretty much the most fucked up, corrupt way possible. Consider it the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia way to getting ahead in life. Frank Reynolds would almost certainly approve. 

Just for the record, we don’t recommend anyone do these. But it’s worth bringing it to your attention. Via0hMppKs4flqfjl7TJUNQYBWXfpwXCEVjA6tdd9cEgDfZE8wVyFzeoHSAHcy37TphfxRgIDrHcGa1YRMz7a8ORQBQiwwrxUu6jJVDAKPzKxRGVlRyYDcea5b


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