by Reggie Noble on May 10, 2012

Name: Nick
Subject: Help determining if this is indeed a facebook nip
Message: Please Bros I need your help. Here is my question…my friend recently came across this girl's facebook profile in which she has uploaded the following picture. He asked me what I am about to ask you…Is this, in fact, a facebook n*pple? My group of friends cannot seem to come to a definite conclusion, even one of our Photoshop-savy friends zoomed in and redefined the pic. So I ask bro, in your expert opinion…is this a facebook n*pple? Thanks.

This guy e-mailed us within seconds, asking for an answer. He was in the throes of some sort of existential crisis, so we put an entire team on it. Remember when our site wasn't updating? We were just looking at this picture. The consensus is yes, an areola slipped by the Facebook goalie. We're so confident that we've blurred it out. We have standards after all. 

Name: Joe Amaral
Subject: 2 Dogs Dining

Ground-breaking cinema right here. We are left to wonder, however, if the dogs are SAG members. And also, at what age a canine would be allowed into a movie featuring this type of R-rated movie. Math indicates it’s 2.42 years old. See, like you, we have entirely too much time on our hands.

Subject: Frattiest composite picture ever
Message: His name in the composite: Chief Dances with Vodkabeers
Upload an Image: 525589_10150873723580465_601370464_11936029_1710068503_n.jpeg

Nope, not offensive in any way, shape or form. Yeoman's work right there.

Name: Daniel Manriquez

Subject: C5 Introduction

Message: Please feature us. We make the best BP tables on the planet.


Founder Blog:

Recent Press:

Sincerely, Daniel

We’re not above doing some good, especially when that good involves something as noble as beer-pong facilitation.

Name: Bo Patterson

Subject: Bro's Campaign Video


Good luck with that, buddy. Should have played up the Andy Dwyer angle, though.


Subject: Turd Muffin
Message: Check out this stand-up diarrhea sesh some kid had in the bathroom. I guess he just couldn't wait. We think we know who the culprit is because the turd is laden with sunflower seeds and this one kid is a seed-fiend. Credits of UMass Lowell.

That right there is why you mix up your eating habits. Sly bathroom-annihilation is a must. Crucial part of any Bro's life.

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