by Andy Moore on January 16, 2014

Anyway, the organizers of a Flint, Michigan twerkfest found themselves in hot water this week after releasing a promo for their party with the head of one of America's most respected figures placed onto the body of a guy wearing a chain and throwing up the Westside gang sign. The promo went viral, and the building the party was to be held in canceled the event. From the Smoking Gun:

The January 18 party at Flint’s Social Network Event Center was organized by a group calling itself Mid-Michigan Teen Parties, according to the flyer.

After learning that King’s altered image was used in promotional material, the center’s owner, Vincent McEwen, contacted the promoter and canceled the party. The promoter, McEwen said, did not think there was anything wrong with using the late civil rights leader’s photo to publicize a twerking celebration.


In McEwen's defense, that Photoshop job: pretty good?

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