by Rebecca Martinson on June 13, 2014


Apparently the economy has taken its toll on strip clubs, making club owners turn to a slightly younger demographic; college students. Yep, the strip club Show Palace in New York City has recently been promoting themselves as a place to study during finals week. Right now you’re thinking “But wait, aren’t strip clubs sorta…loud?” Well yes indeed they are, but no need to worry about that because Show Palace took that into account and made sure that students got private rooms. Not only do you get your own little quiet study cubby, but also a naked lady who may or may not be able to help you study for that orgo exam (my bet is on not). For some unexplainable and completely not-obvious reason, not a single person showed up for the promotion. Not one. You’d think that at least the creepy kid in the back of lecture who spends class looking at porn would take up on this, but I guess academics > sexy times in NYC.

Check out the video below.

Via Elite Daily

Rebecca Martinson

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