by Andy Moore on April 2, 2014


If there was ever a sign that your thinking goes COMPLETELY out the window when you’re horny, it’s this: a 21-year-old Spanish woman was found half-naked at the bottom of a well recently after the cover she was banging on broke. She had fallen 15 meters into the water below. Her boyfriend had already fled the scene in a panic. But he was nice enough to call the fire department (anonymously.)

They are probably not together anymore.

From the Daily Mail:

Emergency services later received an anonymous phone call which was believed to have been made by him.

He was not found at the scene when they arrived.

The woman, who was suffering from shock and hypothermia, was pulled from the water by firefighters and taken to hospital, it was reported by The Local, which cited Spanish daily ABC.

She was soaking wet and was wearing no underwear.

Apparently the area where the woman was rescued, a water park called Playa Park, is popular among the local youths as a place to romantically frolic. Screwing in the pitch black, near water slides and wells: The horny brain THRIVES on danger.

[H/T: Daily Mail]

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