by Andy Moore on August 25, 2013

From the Smoking Gun:

Martell Davis, 34, was collared by San Diego Police Department vice cops conducting an “incall” operation at a Best Western hotel, according to federal court filings.

As part of that probe, a detective located an ad on “advertising a female for prostitution” and arranged for a July 26 “date” at the hotel. After negotiating an $80 encounter with the undercover cop, the hooker–a 17-year-old girl–was arrested for prostitution.

After exchanging a series of texts with a suspected pimp–and arranging for him to pick up the underage prostitute–“Martell Davis arrived at the room where the date was set up with the undercover detective,” according to a U.S. District Court complaint. Arrested for pimping, “Davis was wearing a t-shirt that read ‘I make pimpin’ look easy,’” an investigator noted.


TSG also reports that Davis would post to Facebook pictures of himself smoking large spliffs. He was also a frequent visitor of the Trump Hotel and had written before about his disapproval with tricking out minors: “Let me say Idc of the bitch b day tomorrow and she be 18 if your fuccing pimping or touching that girl your pedifile and predator and imma do more than just Megan's law you bitch ass so put this in your thoughts.” 

All class, this guy.