by Andy Moore on August 16, 2012

The Tuscaloosa police announced today that they are looking for a man named Walter White, a known meth manufacturer in the area. They're taking the search for the criminal seriously, too—he's at the top of the county's most wanted list.

The Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office has placed Walter White on their priority list of the county’s most wanted.

White was on probation for a 2008 charge of making methamphetamine when he was arrested on similar charges in Bibb County earlier this year.

White’s last known address was in the 22000 block of Eastern Valley Road in McCalla. The charges of possession of a controlled substance, trafficking methamphetamine, possession of precursor materials and manufacturing a controlled substance in Bibb County violated the conditions of his probation for the case in Tuscaloosa County.


No word yet on whether any Jesse Pinkmans out there are also on the lam. 


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