by Andy Moore on August 20, 2013

Of course, this isn't true in the slightest, but the makers of the new sex app “Pure” are banking on something similar: Pure brings the “on-demand convenience of Uber or Seamless to the bedroom,” according to New York Mag, and hookups should, in theory, work with the same efficiency as ordering a BLT: You pull out your iPhone or Android, designate what gender you're interested in, specify if you can host the bedroom, and are then shown “willing users in the surrounding area.” You send pics, she sends pics, then if you and a lady find mutual attraction, you meet up to get straight down to business.

Essentially, as writer Kevin Roose said, it's Tinder without any subtlety.”We thought it would be cool to use an approach like Uber,” co-creator Roman Sidorenko said. “Where you basically create the request, and you get a car pretty soon. We thought it would be cool to have something like that to find a sex buddy.”

The app officially launches next week. As of now, it can only be used by gay couples—the creators say they plan to move to straight relationships soon. Which, sarcastic intitial paragraph aside, won't work. The last time an online pickup tool with zero barriers to entry and a focus on immediate sex was created, it was called Chat Roulette. After about 72 hours, it had become the world's largest portal for masturbating dudes.

Pure will be 99.5% creepy straight dudes by December. Mark it.

[H/T: NY Mag]

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  • Creepy Straight Dude

    Nailed it! The app sucks. I’ve used it for about 3 weeks straight, and I have had zero conversations, let alone actual hookups. In fact, there have only been three girls who even showed up as a potential in this time frame, and I live in one of the most populated cities in America. Most the time, the app runs it’s search for an hour with zero results, and then it dings, and I reset it for another fruitless hour. I guess girls are different than guys after all!