by BroBible Viral on September 18, 2012

Some 10,000 people rallied this week in Lahore, the capital of the Punjab province, to protest the movie trailer that Muslims say insults Islam, according to the International Herald-Tribune. One participant, identified as Abdullah Ismail, died after being taken to an area hospital. Witnesses said he had complained of feeling sick  from the smoke from American flags burnt at the rally.

Honestly, I'm surprised smoke inhalation from flag burning doesn't happen more often. Pretty sure most of those flags are made out of all sorts of cheap and toxic chemicals polymers, like polyster. Can't be good for the body to breath that stuff in. Cotton flags or GTFO. Flag desecration, man… It's never cool. 

And a serious question. If these guys hate America so much, why do they even waste the money on buying flags to burn in effigy? Like, where do they get those?

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