by J. Camm on August 28, 2012

But seriously, a new fear-mongering study just came out claiming that smoking pot as a teen will slowly turn you into a invalid with brain activity that resembles that of an Alzheimer's patient. Scary? That goes with out saying. A reason to stop smoking so much weed? Probably not. I mean, how else are teens supposed to cope with the anxiety brought on by this really shitty information?

According to the Daily Mail:

Teenagers who become hooked on cannabis risk long-term damage to their IQ, researchers have warned.

A study found a marked drop in intelligence in those who started using the drug in their teens and continued to take it for years afterwards.

Attention and memory were also harmed, with those who developed a taste for the drug in adolescence faring worse on a test more usually used to spot the early signs of Alzheimer's in pensioners.

'This study provides one explanation as to why this might be the case.'

One of the researchers said: 'The simple message is that substance use is not healthy for kids.'

With those who started taking cannabis persistently as adults suffering few ill-effects, the researchers say the drug may be particularly toxic in the teenage years, when the brain undergoes a rapid growth spurt.

'The findings are pretty clear that it is not simply chronic use that causes the deficits but chronic use with adolescent onset.'

Oh, thank God. Adults are completely off the hook here. Pot just destroys the brains of people who start, or started, smoking it in high school, and those persons only represent like 90% of the pot-smoking population. No big deal.