by David Covucci on May 16, 2014


Cole Moreton, a journalist with the Daily Telegraph, was on a CityJet flight from London to Florence when he heard a loud bang. He looked out the window to see that part of the wing of his plane had snapped off.

There is no size of all caps to describe how terrifying that is. The plane made a successful emergency landing, and everyone was safe, but no. No. No. No.

City Jet handled the wing snapping off the plane situation with amazing nonchalance.

‘The cover of the operating mechanism on the wing became partially detached. The crew followed their standard procedures,’ a spokeswoman said.

The plane could be back in service this week after repairs, the spokeswoman added.

Oh and remember, we are still missing an entire fucking plane. It’s just gone.
[H/T Gawker; Image via Cole Moreton]

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