by Brandon Wenerd on November 29, 2013

This one took place at a Walmart in North Carolina:

Here's cops wrestling a shopper at an unidentified Walmart location because of a TV sale:

This guy is enjoying the holidays:

Hey look! A stampede over a cheap TV! Totally worth it…

More people acting like animals…

At least The National Retail Federation expects retail sales to be up 3.9 percent this year to $602.1 billion in November and December… Horray, stimulating the economy while losing your humanity!

  • luis

    black friday is a day when people start acting like animals, they also fight,pushes for really cheap stuff.Most of the time it happens in walmart where they have everything,im glad i was never in walmart at black friday because then people will act like this is a war and start fighting over tv’s, cellphones,food,and more. NOTE:there is NO way to get out at walmart in black friday and its actually dangerous with more than thousands of peoplelikeanimals fighting, some people might even got kiled

  • xxdragon2000

    black friday is sure a crazy day of peoplelikeanimals