by Andy Moore on November 27, 2012

In the spirit of parents who infamously named their kid “Twilight,” Jason Lee naming his spawn “Pilot Inspektor,” and a Louisiana woman naming her child “Le-a” (at least according that possibly fake and probably racist email that used to circulate around), we have on our hands a new mother looking to throw her hat in the ring for the Worst Name of the Year competition. According to a screengrab from @AwkwardMsgs, a child named Hashtag Jameson was recently born. Killer last name, but that first name is an abomination.

Other than the above info, we know very little about Hashtag Jameson. I'd love to follow her progress as she grows up, though. Will she embrace the name and really latch onto #trends? Will her first word be YOLO? Will this justify at least a shout-out on a new Drake song? At least a mixtape jam? We're here for you, Hashtag.

[H/T: Gizmodo]