by Andy Moore on September 19, 2012

But there's good news for any one out there suffering through a post-apocalypic nightmare: Our best friend Budweiser will still be around to provide shoulder to lean on! (Even if you don't have any shoulders anymore.)

Gizmodo found a study by Restricted Data that points toward beer still being drinkable after nuclear blasts. This is hugely important survival news:

Operation Teapot was a series of 14 nuclear tests done in Nevada in 1955. Restricted Data has learned that some of those tests involved packaged food which, thank god for our future nuked selves, included beer. Buds were located in varying distances from the blast sites—the nearest were just 1,000 feet away and the furthest were a mile away. After sustaining blasts of 20-30 kilotons, the brews were found to be a-okay. Or rather drinkable for “emergency use” and safe “in the short term.” The tests also found the taste was totally not even skunked.


Keep this in mind when we're all leaving in Fallout Land.