by Andy Moore on August 20, 2012

What does Normalize do? It's simple—it gets rid of those shitty Instagram filters that turn normal pictures into sepia-toned or blurred photos. If you want to see what your friends' vacations looked like without it looking like they traveled back to 1975, Polaroid in tow, the app is solid.

I tried it out on my phone, and it works really well. I took photos from friends who will not be named, turned the app on, and the shots' retro filters were removed, with the original colors intact. It took literally one click to do this. The app can also be used for any photos you've taken yourself, saving yourself the embarrassment in 10 years of showing off the sepia-toned Spring Break shots you took in 2012.

Only downside: It costs a buck to use. Going to have to expense that to the BroBible account.

H/T: Cult of Mac via Gizmodo

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