by Andy Moore on August 30, 2012

It's a concept called “Hurricane Sex,” and it occurs when two consenting adults see a hurricane coming and their power go out, and they think, “Eh, why not?” As New Orleans' Kamil Martin tells Esquire, he saw the possible end of his world coming when Hurricane Katrina hit so he told his girlfriend, “Let's f*ck like rabbits before we die.”

Hurricane sex definitely went down in a big way last way during Isaac yesterday. A Trojan study says that 70% of Americans have done it during “extreme weather,” and the New Orleans Craigslist was innudated yesterday with new personal ads.

Via Esquire:

“It could just be a matter of there's nothing else to do except sit around and watch the rain, so why not get it on? Why not have some sex?” California-based sex therapist Stephanie Buehler said in a phone interview.

Buehler also said that a physical connection between sexual excitement and danger — of which there remains plenty in this case, as Isaac floods streets throughout the state here — could be legitimate. “If something dangerous is brewing, people do get heightened senses at those times, and I wonder if because if they have heightened senses they feel aroused, and that arousal leads them to think this might be a good time to have a partner.”

In many of the Craigslist ads here, posters asked for a casual sexual encounter during the storm, like one man who asked for “hurricane stress relief.” About six hours before the storm was scheduled to hit, one woman posted looking for a woman to be her “sweetie” for “something long term or not.”


So, yeah, hurricane party the next time New York gets an Irene? 

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