by BroBible Viral on June 25, 2013

In 2011, a video went viral of a Lancaster County company who created a silicon spray that keeps things clean, dry and free of bacteria and ice. Deemed as 'Neverwet', the hyper-hydrophobic spray forced any liquid to jump off a surface coated in it such as chocolate syrup practically falling off sparkling white Keds. It was originally to be used only for manufacturing purposes until Rustoleum and Home Depot decided to push it onto retail shelves. This real life product demonstration shows some of the other ways you could use the spray such as filling a coated cardboard box with ice and transforming what would be a soggy box into an impromptu cooler. They also coat their iPhone in the stuff and drop it in a cooler, although I'm not sure how willing I'd be to entirely trust my phone to the spray.

Get full product information at their official website.

[H/T: ViralViralVideos]

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